Red Wine Can Prevent Hearing Loss, Study Says

A chemical compound in red wine can help people not lose their hearing

A new study carried out by researchers working with the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit argues that, when drank in moderation, red wine is successful in tackling a rather common medical condition: loss of hearing.

Apparently, red wine owes this amazing ability to a chemical compound know to the scientific community as resveratrol.

By the looks of it, said compound can keep people safe from not just noise-induced hearing loss, but also from other unpleasant effects of aging, sources say.

As specialist Michael Seidman explained, “Our latest study focuses on resveratrol and its effect on the body's response to injury - something that is believed to be the cause of many health problems including Alzheimer's disease, cancer, ageing and hearing loss.”

“Resveratrol is a very powerful chemical that seems to protect against the body's inflammatory process, as it relates to ageing, cognition (brain function) and hearing loss,” he went on to argue.

On the other hand, drinking a tad too much red wine can actually impair hearing (if you know what I mean), be it only for a short period.

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