Red Orchestra 2 Now Has Steam Workshop Compatibility

Players can now share their mods for the realistic shooter right through Steam

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad now has complete support for the Steam Workshop feature of popular digital distribution service Steam, as owners of the game can now create new maps and mods using the special Red Orchestra 2 Editor and SDK.

Tripwire Interactive delivered a gritty and quite intense World War II simulation back in 2011 with Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

Since then, the studio has released a special Game of the Year edition with a variety of new features and has now updated the game, via Steam, to support the Steam Workshop feature.

As such, owners of the game can easily create new maps and mods for the shooter via the RO2 Editor and the SDK (Software Developer Kit) and share them through Steam.

Those looking to learn more about modding Red Orchestra can check out a special wiki set up by the developers with plenty of helpful articles about working with the two pieces of software and then uploading the results to the Workshop.

If you’re not that skilled with making new content, you can just browse the Red Orchestra 2 section of the Workshop for new things to enhance your game.

Expect to see quite a lot of top-notch maps soon, as Tripwire is currently accepting entries into a special Custom Map Making Competition until November 30.

Besides earning acclaim for their hard work, participants can win a variety of goodies, including graphics cards from Nvidia and peripherals from Logitech. The winning map, however, will receive a high-end gaming laptop from Origin and a net sum of $10,000 (around €7788).

In case you want to learn more about the competition, you can check out Tripwire’s official page right here.

Expect to see plenty of mods and maps appear for Red Orchestra 2 on Steam in the near future.

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