Red Hat Wants You to Rename JBoss Application Server

The community will get to choose the name with an election process

Red Hat has revealed the next phase of its strategy, in regard to the evolution of technologies such as dynamic service fabric, cloud, NoSQL, mobile, and multi-language polyglot computing.

One of the plans devised by Red Hat is to allow developers more access to one of its most important products, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

The best way to involve the community is to let them decide what name the “JBoss Application Server community project” should have in the future.

“Red Hat remains committed to the community and customers, providing continued support for existing enterprise Java standards, while also driving new standards that will allow customers to migrate and adopt the technology at their own pace. It’s an exciting change and we see it as an opportunity for both Red Hat and the broader development community to respond to and lead the charge in this new era of application development,” said Rich Sharples, director of product management, Red Hat.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform offers support for a lot of mobile frameworks and technologies, not to mention to an increasing number of computing devices and form factors beyond the traditional PC.

The Jboss platform also provides the benefits of a cloud-enabled service fabric to additional languages and frameworks such as Ruby, Clojure, Ceylon, Scala, and the Spring Framework.

This means that developers can chose a better language or framework for their project, without compromising on performance.

Red Hat will invite users to rename the upstream JBoss Application Server community project, through an election process.

The nominations will be accepted in between October 1 and October 14, at website. The top names will be decided by an appointed panel formed by Red Hat employees.

The community will then get to vote on those choices between October 21 and November 1. The winner will be announced on November 12, during the Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

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