Red!: Documentary About RedHack Hacktivist Group – Video

The first video teaser of the 60-minute film has been released

BSM-Independent Cinema Center has released the first teaser for the documentary called “Red!” – a film based on the activities of the notorious RedHack hacktivist group.

The RedHack collective has made many headlines over the past period. Despite the fact that they’ve been catalogued as terrorists and some of their alleged members have been arrested, the group is still going strong.

Earlier this month, they managed to leak over 60,000 documents from Turkey’s Council of Higher Education, exposing numerous instances of corruption in the country’s educational system.

The movie, directed by Mustafa Kenan Aybasti, focuses on cyber war and cyber activism. “Red!” brings together a number of experts that examine RedHack’s operations.

The 60-minute documentary will be released on February 15, but the English version, which will be launched online, is scheduled only for April 1.

Here is the first teaser for “Red!”:

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