“Red Dawn” Remake Gets New Trailer

Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson fight for their country, for their home

Whether we like it or not, the “Red Dawn” remake, which many voices have already dubbed unnecessary and unwanted, is coming our way later this month. Above is the latest trailer released for it.

“Red Dawn” was in the making for many years, which explains why many of the stars appearing in it look so much younger.

Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Connor Cruise, Tom Cruise’s son, star as members of a revolutionary team assembled in the aftermath of a North Korean attack on the US.

From what I can see from the trailer, there’s not much difference between this film and the original one, starring Patrick Swayze, except in that producers replaced Colorado with Washington, and the Cubans and Russians with the North Koreans.

The film will be out November 21.

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