Red, Cyan and Yellow Lumia 920 Now Out of Stock at AT&T

Only the black and white colors are still available for purchase

It looks like major carrier AT&T has run out of Nokia Lumia 920 units. Windows Phone fans can only order the white or black versions of the smartphone as the yellow, red and cyan variants are now out of stock.

This was to be expected given the fact that Lumia 920 is in high demand all around the world. In fact, AT&T customers can consider themselves lucky as many carriers exhausted their Lumia 920 stocks in less than a day.

Some even sold out their entire stock in 30 minutes, but these are exceptions and probably indicate the Lumia 920 was in short supply.

Even though AT&T still offers the white and black Lumia 920, there’s no telling when exactly you’ll receive you phone from the moment you place the order.

Apparently, the carrier has some problems in processing the high amount of orders for Lumia 920. However, we suspect Nokia only shipped limited stocks of Lumia 920 globally, which is why the smartphone is sold out so fast in most countries.

Just the other day, the white Lumia 920 was sold out in the same day at two UK-based retailers and one had around 75 units in stock.

It’s no surprise the phone sold so fast given that only 75 units were available and the retailer was offering the unlocked version of the Lumia 920.

All in all, Windows Phone enthusiasts who still want to purchase the Lumia 920 in the US will have to try hard and find a store that still sells it.

There have been many reports suggesting that some AT&T stores depleted their Lumia 920 in under 1 hour, but they only had around 20 units in stock.

We can safely assume the white and black Lumia 920 will be out of stock as well, and this will probably happen faster than expected. Stay tuned for more updates on this one.

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