Recycled Cutlery Chair Offsets Deforestation

A talented artist has created a chair made of recycled cutlery discarded by restaurants

There is nothing more beneficial for the environment than a recycling strategy tackling a dangerous man-made threat: deforestation. When this initiative is wrapped in creativity, the result is spectacular.

Osian Batkya William is an earth-friendly designer who has launched a series of chairs made entirely of recycled cutlery discarded by restaurants.

Most of the fancy dining places change cutlery every nine months. This fact has made the artists think about turning all this waste into a powerful statement.

Even though the aesthetics of its work of art is probably the only feature that would attract potential customers, since the chair is definitely far from being comfortable, his idea gets a plus for originality correlated with environmental awareness.

His new concept might even inspire a new line of modern furniture, helping maintain the balance of vulnerable forests all across the Globe.

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