Rechargeable Trackpad Released by Logitech for Macs

Apple system owners will find that the color fits their computers

When Logitech released the Silver-Black Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, the company also launched the Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac.

All laptops have trackpads, but desktops don't, since they qualify as peripherals and people usually prefer mice anyway.

Still, it sometimes helps to have a larger touch-enabled surface, provided the screen lacks a touch panel of its own.

Mac Systems tend to fit the bill, which is what Logitech is banking on.

The company's Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac has a low profile design with a smooth glass surface.

It feels every bit like an actual touchscreen, and can “click,” scroll, zoom, swipe, etc. Other multi-touch gestures are supported too, of course.

The range of the Bluetooth connection is 30 feet / 10 meters. The USB port is only present for battery recharge.

Logitech expects payments of $69.99 / 53.78-69.99 Euro.

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