Recently Discovered Snail Species Has a Transparent Shell

These snails inhabit one of Croatia's deepest caves

Researchers claim to have discovered a new species of snails that inhabit one of the caves in the Lukina Jama – Trojama cave system in Croatia. The species has been named Zospeum tholussum.

What makes these little buddies stand out among others of their kind is the fact that they have transparent shells whose shape resembles that of a dome.

For the time being, just one specimen belonging to this previously undocumented species has been found by researchers.

According to Daily Mail, the odd snail was discovered in a chamber located some 910 meters below the Earth's surface.

Specialists say that, all things considered, these snails do not have the ability to see. Then again, they do live in complete darkness, so it's not like they would have much use for a pair of very agile eyes.

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