Rebranding Rhinos as Unicorns Is the Only Way to Save Them

“Ain’t nobody going to kill no unicorn,” specialists explain

Given the fact that nothing seems to work when it comes to keeping poachers away from rhinos, a team of scientists have decided that perhaps the time has come to approach the matter at hand from an entirely new perspective.

Thus, they suggested that rhinos be rebranded as unicorns. They already have the horns working in their favor, so perhaps the only thing left to do is throw in some glitter and make them drop a couple of pounds.

Hayibo quotes Lentil Currie, one of the specialists who helped add the finishing touches to this idea, who made a case of how, “The rationale behind the idea, which we fully support, can essentially be summarised as: ain’t nobody going to kill no unicorn.”

“Everyone knows that if you kill a unicorn you inflict 777 years of bad luck on yourself and future generations. The penalties are even higher than for not forwarding chain emails.”

Needless to say, this is nothing but a joke brought to us by the people at Hayibo, who are in the business of “Breaking news. Into lots of little pieces.”

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