Rebecca Black Intros New Video for “In Your Words”

Former Internet sensation tries on a more mature, better sound

Gone are the days when Rebecca Black was just enumerating the days of the week to get to Friday and then rejoice – in song, of course. Above is her brand new video, for her latest single “In Your Words.”

There’s an undeniable improvement here, not only as far as lyrics go. Rebecca is trying on a more mature and serious sound for size and, don’t hate me for saying this, but it actually works.

This coming from the young aspiring singer who was once named the best worst singer ever to attain fame thanks to social media, “In Your Words” is surprisingly good.

Just as good is the video, because it doesn’t strive to be more than it is. In doing so, it confirms that, most of the time, less can really be more.

Check it out and, yes, enjoy!

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