Rear-Projection TVs Completely Out of the Market Now

Mitsubishi finally discontinues its product line, is the last to do so

Plasma and LCD/LED displays are the norm today, but it wasn't long ago that display makers also sold rear-projection models. Mitsubishi has finally driven the TV type out of the market though.

Rear-projection television is a type of large-screen television display technology used in most low to mid-range TVs until 2005.

Over the past seven years, however, flat-panel LCD and plasma screens have been taking over, as the price difference is all but gone.

What's more, even in cases where rear-projection would provide a cost advantage, the physical and image quality advantages of flat panels make up for the drawbacks.

This is why Sony stopped making rear-projected TVs in 2007 and Samsung did the same in 2008.

Mitsubishi was the last company developing and shipping RPTVs, and now it, too, is leaving the industry.

The corporation has revealed that it has dropped RPTVs forever in a memo sent to CEPro.

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