Reality TV Star Simone Reyes Now a Cove Guardian

Simone arrived in Japan a couple of days ago, will spend ten days in Taiji

This year, reality TV star Simone Reyes is to join the Sea Shepherd activists that will gather in Taiji, Japan to witness and document the slaughter of hundreds of dolphins.

The celeb arrived in the country a couple of days ago, and will remain there for about a week and a half. During this time, she will call herself a Cove Guardian and lend her support to Sea Shepherd's Operation Infinite Patience campaign.

“Working as a member of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian team on the ground, Reyes will remain in Taiji for ten days to document and publicize the inhumane capture and slaughter of entire pods of wild dolphins, as depicted in the Academy Award-winning documentary, ‘The Cove’ (2009),” the organization explains on its official website.

“Using the power of photography and video as well as live stream, Reyes will shine a spotlight on the crimes of nature being committed against these innocent mammals who have never harmed humans and in fact have been documented to have rescued humans lost at sea,” it adds.

Both Simone Reyes and the conservationists working with Sea Shepherd are confident that the celeb's presence at the slaughter will help raise awareness about the need to end such practices, Ecorazzi tells us.

As Russel Simmons put it, “The atrocities that continue in Taiji at The Cove need international attention. I have no doubt that Simone being there on the ground will spotlight this cause and hopefully work to bring an end to the slaughter.”

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