Real-Life Mermaid Has £10,000 Tail (€11,863 / $15,204), Uses It to Swim Around with Sharks

Linden Wolbert hopes her freediving experiences will help promote ocean conservation

One can only assume that, when it comes to convincing people to pay closer attention to marine environments, dressing up like a mermaid and swimming around with sharks and other aquatic wildlife does the job better than any green-oriented posters and videos.

More so if the tail one such mermaid is wearing is worth a whopping £10,000 (€11,863 / $15,204).

Not to beat about the bush: 32-year-old Linden Wolbert (pictured above) from Los Angeles, California, is a freediver who is very much determined to promote ocean conservation and education by putting on her mermaid tail and showing off her swimming skills.

Sources say that Linden's tail was designed and manufactured by Hollywood special effect artist Allan Holt, who made sure that it was both hydro-dynamic and fairy similar to the mermaid tails featured in Disney movies.

“The power of the tail is amazing. I can go very fast. I’ve been diving with sharks. With my tail, I’m longer than most of them. People think I’m crazy to swim with sharks but I have an incredible security team,” this real-life mermaid told members of the press.

Linder Wolbert has been a professional freediver for nearly 10 years now.

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