Real-Life “Jaws” Spotted Vacationing Off the Hamptons

The shark is referred to by marine wildlife researchers as Mary Lee

This past Wednesday, an oversized great white shark was spotted vacationing off the Hamptons. Apparently, the shark spent some time in these waters, then made its way towards Saint Augustine, Florida. Later on, it was recorded off the coast of Quogue, Long Island, New York.

Still, it looks like the shark has no intention of spending too much time in the waters off the coast of Quogue, Long Island either, so people living in this part of the United States need not worry too much about its presence.

Marine wildlife researchers explain that this particular shark is a female whom they managed to tag back in September 2012, in the waters near Cape Cod, sources report.

OCEARCH, the nonprofit organization whose members tagged this giant animal, also saw fit to name it Mary Lee, as was the name of OCEARCH's founding chairman's mother.

Mary Lee measures about 16 feet (roughly 4.9 meters) in length, and weighs a whopping 3,456 pounds (about one and a half tons), the conservationists who tagged her explain.

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