Real-Life “Finding Nemo” Moment Caught on Camera by British Photographer

Picture shows a mama clownfish checking up on her little ones

A picture showing a mama clownfish checking up on her little ones has gone viral after being posted online by underwater photographer John Frost.

The picture, made available to you above, was taken in the water off Israel's coast as part of the Eilat Red Sea Shootout.

As detailed by Metro, this three-days event boils down to photographers' diving and snapping pictures of fish, other marine creatures and shipwrecks that they chance to stumble upon on the sea's floor.

The picture did not win the top prize offered at this competition. It did however make headlines, simply because it very much resembles the opening of beloved animation “Finding Nemo.”

Unfortunately, Nemo's brothers, sisters and even mom were all eaten by a barracuda just minutes after this endearing moment. Here's hoping nothing of the sort will happen to the clownfish family caught on camera by British photographer John Frost.

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