Real-Life Chucky Terrifies People with Spooky Prank in Brazil

A giant Chucky doll smashes windows and chases people with a knife for an ad prank

The terrifying Chucky doll from the horror movies with the same name comes back to chase people on the streets with a bloody knife. As an advertising prank promoting the new “Curse of Chucky” film, people in Brazil had the scare of their lifetime while running from the world's scariest doll.

With hidden cameras installed all around the “scene of the scare,” Brazilian TV Network SBT released the prank video with the real life Chucky doll scaring people at the bus stop. While waiting patiently in the bus stop, people could take a look at the Chucky advertising banner positioned right next to the benches.

What they didn't know was that inside the box a real life version of Chucky was waiting for the perfect moment to scare the life out of them, chasing both grown-ups and children with a knife.

The prank begins with a few lighting issues, after which you could hear the signature laughter of the terrifying doll. Only these two small details give people the chills, but imagine the shock of the people waiting for the bus when they see the glass being shattered and a giant Chucky doll exiting the box with a knife in its hands.

In an array of hilarious reactions, people run without looking back at the horrible doll, but one of the bystanders gets mad and throws his backpack after the bloody toy, just before a woman falls flat on her face trying to run away.

The prankvertising trend has really picked up lately, but giving people the scare of their lives with a knife-wielding Chucky live-lookalike is a first.

Some might say that once you've seen one of the horror Chucky movies, you will have at least one nightmare related to the murderess doll. The new movie, “Curse of Chucky” is released straight to DVD and continues the creepy story of the world's scariest doll.

Watch the prank in the video below:

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