Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Denies Talk of Plastic Surgery

Russian model, singer and Internet sensation says she’s all real

One of the young girls to rise to international stardom thanks to the Internet is Valeria Lukyanova, a Russian girl who is both a model and a singer. In a new interview with V Magazine, Valeria denies she’s ever had any work done.

Valeria rose to fame earlier this year, when websites like Jezebel and Gawker found her profile on social media and, because of her out of the ordinary looks, decided to share it with the world.

As we also noted back then and as the photo attached to this article can also confirm, Valeria looks very much like a real-life Barbie, from the flawless face to her almost impossible proportions (generous bust, tiny waist and curvy hips).

This is Valeria’s first major interview with an English-language outlet.

For starters, she says she’s well aware that negativity is a given with fame, so she doesn’t really take to heart all the nasty things people say about her online.

However, there’s one thing she wants to set the record straight on: the amount of plastic surgery she reportedly had to look the way she does now.

She had none, she says. So, those saying she did are basically projecting on her their own sense of inability to perfect themselves, Valeria tries to reason.

“Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves. It’s hard work, but they dismiss it as something done by surgeons or computer artists. This is how they justify not wanting to strive for self-improvement. It’s how they explain their continued inaction. It’s just an excuse,” she says.

“There are plenty of video clips on the Internet showing what I really look like. Some people even spread rumors about me and retouch my pictures to hurt me. But I don’t take them seriously. I’m even flattered! It’s what success is like. I’m happy I seem unreal to them, it means I’m doing a good job,” Valeria adds.

She notes that her beauty routine is complicated but, she adds as an afterthought, such perfection can’t be maintained otherwise.

Ultimately, Valeria’s goal is to be creative with everything she does, her appearance included.

“Most of my makeup I design myself as I put it on. I’m an artistic person, and I love dramatic images and bright makeup. I love the process of doing my own,” she says.

The full interview is here, together with the entire photospread meant to convince everyone that Valeria is as real as it gets.

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