Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein Sues Internet Commenter

Reality star goes after woman claiming she worked as an escort

One of the latest additions to the reality show “Real Housewives of Miami,” Lisa Hochstein, is going after a random woman who commented about her online. Lisa is seeking financial damages in the lawsuit, it has emerged.

According to TMZ, Lisa is taking legal action against Jessica Lederman who posted a comment to an online story about her saying that she had worked as an escort in Las Vegas.

“Hochstein recently filed a lawsuit against a woman named Jessica Lederman – claiming she suffered ‘severe emotional distress’ after Jessica blasted her in the comment section of an entertainment news website,” TMZ reports.

Lederman also claimed that Lisa was not a suitable addition to the show because of her track record in the adult industry, which Hochstein claims isn’t true.

“Hochstein claims Jessica's remark damaged her reputation and threatened both her employment and social life. Hochstein is suing for more than $15,000 [€11,156]. A judge has yet to rule,” the same media outlet writes.

So far, no word from the woman who made the nasty comment online.

As fans of the reality series must already know, Lisa is on the show as a “professional housewife,” as she likes to call herself.

In other words, she does not have a job and she’s perfectly happy with just being her husband’s wife.

She’s married to a plastic surgeon and became famous when she openly admitted to having had plenty of work done to her face and body – not that it wasn’t notable at a first glance, come to think of it.

“My husband's a top plastic surgeon in this town, and I'm his best creation,” she proudly announced in front of the cameras.

Lisa has been on the show starting with season 2, and is good friends with Adriana de Moura-Sidi, star of the first season.

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