Reagan National Airport Gets “This Is Climate Change” Poster

The poster is split in half, shows the effects of drought and powerful storms

The Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC is now home to a new poster intended to raise awareness with respect to how climate change and global warming are impacting on the US.

Thus, the poster is split in half and shows two antithetic images. One of them displays the effects of prolonged periods of drought on agricultural lands, whereas the other stands as proof of the damages caused by heavy rain and floods.

Both the dried out earth and the flooded landscape are presented as the dramatic consequences of “extreme weather,” and the message written above them, “This Is Climate Change,” is also pretty straightforward.

According to Environmental News Network, this poster was installed at the Reagan National Airport this past weekend, and the people behind the project had one goal in mind.

That was of linking extreme weather manifestations to ongoing phenomena such as climate change and global warming.

The same source informs us that several such posters are to pop up in other parts of the world soon enough, and that the climate change awareness project in charge of designing and posting these images in various public places is funded by the Del Mar Global Trust.

Elena Marszalek, presently employed as director for the This Is Climate Change project, wished to emphasize the fact that, “Americans are seeing climate change with their own eyes, and they are now personally experiencing the consequences of extreme weather.”

Furthermore, “Only when Americans recognize that climate change is real, and that the consequences are unacceptable, will the government put in place the policies needed for solutions at the domestic and international levels.”

In case anyone was wondering, Elena Marszalek is basically stating that hurricane Sandy and its devastating effects on the US East Coast are bound to become a wakeup call for Americans, forcing them to pay closer attention to environmental protection.

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