Ready at Dawn: No Plans for Project Morpheus Support in The Order: 1886

The game is not designed to support virtual reality experiences

The development team at Ready at Dawn working on the upcoming The Order: 1886 says that it has no plans at the moment to add support for the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset in the upcoming game, despite the great interest that the gaming world has shown towards it.

The team is at the moment focused on the development of the core game mechanics and the evolution of the gaming engine, aiming to deliver the best possible experience for customers when the title is finally launched.

The Order: 1886 was supposed to launch on the PlayStation 4 from Sony in the autumn of this year, but the developer and publisher have delayed it to February 2015 in order to make sure that the level of quality on release is high.

Dana Jan, the game director working on the new experience, tells CVG that, “I'm really excited about Morpheus too. And 3D is something that we had to work with on bringing the God of War Origins Collection to PS3. We learned a lot of the challenges behind doing stereoscopic stuff and it's not easy.”

The developer adds, “But for The Order, at least for the first installment, we're really focused on getting this one right. I really like 3D, so in the future who knows? But for us right now, with it being third-person, I don't think we're thinking about Morpheus yet.”

At the moment, Projekt Morpheus is still in the prototype stage and Sony has only announced its existence in order to show that it is interested in the concept of virtual reality and plans to offer a device that can enable its use on the PlayStation 4.

The company says that it wants to make the headset both easy to use and rather cheap and that it will not make an official announcement about a consumer version until it manages to achieve these aims.

Development of virtual reality devices is more advanced in the PC market, where Oculus VR has created two developer versions of its own Oculus Rift that many video games are already using.

A commercial package, with improved technology, is supposed to be launched at some point in the fall of this year.

The company’s long-term plans might be affected by the lawsuit launched by ZeniMax Media, which is claiming that Oculus VR has broken trade agreements and has used misappropriated technology in order to develop its virtual reality device.

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