Read E-books on Your Java Mobile Phone

Install JAR file on your phone and start reading

There are few applications that enable users to read e-books on devices that are not running a specific operating system, but are Java compatible. Well, I have just found an excellent piece of software that lets you convert any e-book you have on your computer into a JAR file, so that you can read it even on mid-budget handsets.

Developed by TequilaCat, Book Reader is a free application comprised of two parts: TCBR Shell (a program for Windows PC that creates JAR books); JAR Books created by the Shell (each JAR Book contains book text and viewer program for the book).

Download the software archive and unzipped anywhere you want on your PC, but keep the location in mind. Enter the unzipped folder and click on the Shell.exe command, which will open up the application's main window, directly on your computer. You will be able to choose your phone model, as well as setup your desired fonts.

The program requires that you manually add e-books that are already stored on your PC. Do that and then simply choose the "Create Java book" option from the down right corner of the application's window. After the JAR file has been created, simply install it on your phone just like any other Java compatible software.

Book Reader offers a wide range of fonts, displays rotated text, autoscrolls, supports touchscreen phones, as well as multiple text formats. The application also offers Flash Card support, which means that on newer phones (supporting JSR 75), you will only need to install Book Reader once, then read text files or FB2 book files off flash card or phone "disks." For phones redundantly asking for access confirmation, a caching mode is available. Also, Unicode (for hieroglyphic languages) and Middle East are supported (Middle East languages are partially supported).

As the Book Reader application is free, I suggest you download it, especially if you are into reading books. The software is one of the best on the market and benefits from great support from the author.

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