ReactOS Goes to Indiegogo, Will Run Windows Apps Natively

The ReactOS developers want funding for a Community Edition

ReactOS, a free open source operating system based on the best design principles found in the Windows NT architecture, is now trying its luck on Indiegogo for the next version of the OS.

The developers of ReactOS have been working for a long time to provide an operating system that is capable of running Windows apps as native software. The best thing about this OS is that it's open source and completely free.

You might wonder how it is possible for an operating system, other than Windows, to run Windows apps. The answer is quite simple, although the solution is not. The developers of ReactOS are working on their own Windows NT modified kernel that should provide the basis for new type of distribution.

Now the developers are trying their hand at crowd-funding for the next version of ReactOS, 0.4, which will be distributed under the umbrella of a Community Edition.

So, if this is a crowd-funding campaign, what will the people who participate get, besides the new operating system?

“Aside from the rewards that you will pick, you will get the ReactOS Community Edition, a totally free, open source operating system (with no backdoors, no NSA agreements and no privacy issues) able to run your favorite Windows apps, with a familiar user experience.”

“With your backings and votes you will decide which Windows apps and drivers you want to be fully supported in this ReactOS Community Edition release, so that all your needs are fully covered. Furthermore, we promise to continue supporting those applications in the future releases of the ReactOS Community Edition,” the developers promise on the project's official page on Indiegogo.

The new operating system will allow users to choose what apps they want during the installation process and it will come with a brand new user interface. The developers have also said that it will be nothing like Metro, even if it will be running Windows apps.

ReactOS Community Edition will be based on the upcoming ReactOS 0.4. If you also choose to pledge money to this project, you will be able to tell the developers if you have a piece of hardware that is not supported and they will take care of it.

The campaign is set to last until June 1, but this is a flexible project and the developers will get the money even if they don't reach their target.

In the meantime, you can download ReactOS 0.3.16 from the official website and give it a go.

EDIT: We took out the Linux reference from the text. The OS will not run Linux apps natively, as previously stated here.

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