Reach 750 MB/s with Thunderbolt-Enabled Pocket Storage Device for Windows

The Pegasus J2 from Promise Technology has arrived

Promise Technology never actually says, in its press release, whether its new storage unit is a solid-state drive or a hard drive, but the size, shape and performance make us think it is the former.

After all, a hard drive would not be able to reach a transfer speed of 750 MB/s, even if the connection to PCs really is done via Thunderbolt.

Promise describes its Pegasus J2 as the “world's smallest Thunderbolt-enabled storage solution” and says it can have a capacity of 256 or 512 GB.

Perhaps more important is the fact that this is an Intel-certified device, unlike most other TB gadgets that are made for Apple products.

On that note, the newcomer is compatible with Windows 8 and 7, although Apple's Mac OS X is supported too.

Buyers will be able to transfer, playback and edit media straight from the Pegasus J2.

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