Rdio App Now Available via Verizon's V CAST Apps

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless has just announced that a new application is now available for its users via the V CAST Apps storefront, namely Rdio, offering access to the unlimited, on-demand social music service from the founders of Skype.

The new mobile application is now available for download for users of select mobile phones that run under Google's Android operating system, the carrier announced.

Moreover, Verizon notes that its customers would enjoy a seven-day free trial of Rdio Unlimited, through which they would be able to search and play any song, artist, album and playlist from a catalog that includes more than 8.5 million songs.

Rdio’s app would offer access to some of the most popular features of the service too, including the syncing of music with the mobile device, the ability to view recent activity, to enjoy a seamless listening experience, or to access their own collections in the cloud.

As stated above, users would enjoy a seven-day free trial of the service upon the download of the application. They would have the possibility to subscribe to Rdio Unlimited for $9.99 per month afterwards.

The Rdio app is available on a series of select Android devices, Verizon announced, without being more specific. However, the wireless carrier did say that users can download it on Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The main features of the new mobile application would include:

- Access to your collection in the cloud – No need to waste precious phone memory by carrying around all your songs. Use Rdio to access all the great songs you own in our cloud-based catalogue on the go through your mobile device.

- Sync music to your mobile device – Want to access your music offline? Save as many songs, albums and playlists as your phone can hold so that you can listen to them even without a wireless connection. You can choose to download over Verizon Wireless reliable network or only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

- Recent Activity – Share the music you love and find out what your friends and other influencers are listening to. With our Recent Activity stream you can see what albums and songs people in your network are adding to their collections and playlists, who they are following, and the music they are reviewing.

- Top charts and heavy rotation – See and hear what songs and albums are currently popular across the entire Rdio community or just among the influencers you follow.

Playlists – Access playlists that you have created, subscribed to and collaborated on from your mobile device.

- Seamless listening experience – With Rdio Unlimited you can access your music anywhere – on your mobile device during your commute, on your Roku or Sonos at home, on your laptop at work, or on the Web at your friend’s house. No matter where you are, Rdio remembers your listening history and what songs you have remaining in your queue. You can even stop a song playing on your home browser and continue where you left off the next time you log in, even if you’re on a different computer.

Rdio is expected to offer a great experience while on the go to all Verizon customers, Drew Larner, chief executive officer, Rdio, stated, adding that users would enjoy the new service through carrier billing too.

The carrier billing feature comes through V CAST Apps, enabling users to pay for downloaded applications on their monthly bills, all via a simple, one-click process. The wireless carrier also notes that download charges would vary for different applications, and that airtime or megabyte charges might apply when using them.

V CAST Apps provides users with a wide selection of games, productivity tools, entertainment and news apps. Developers have a subscription option available to them, and Rdio is one of the first software to take advantage of it.

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