Razer's Krait Mouse Goes Orange, Gets a 4G Optical Sensor

The company is updating all its gaming peripherals, it seems

One would think that a 3G optical sensor would be enough for any gaming mouse, especially with how head over heels everyone in the business was with them until not long ago. It turns out Razer is of a different opinion.

Given what happened last week with the DeathAdder mouse, there were enough grounds to suspect the IT player's other peripherals would be getting an overhaul sooner or later.

The Krait mouse is the one getting better hardware this time. Having been launched in 2006, it managed to sell well enough that, Razer feels, it should get the chance to do so for another few years.

Razer didn't modify the outer design of the product. Krait is still a reasonably normal-looking model, at least compared to weird ones like Ouroboros or the MMO-ready Logitech G600.

As far as the insides go, the corporation again chose to change only the barest minimum, which means no little fan for palm cooling.

Still, that doesn't mean Krait is bland. It still has in-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, plus support for the controversial Synapse 2.0 software.

We say controversial because it needs online activation before the features of the mouse are possible to use. Some people also still see the “cloud configuration utility” as Spyware, though Razer's assurances somewhat tempered those concerns.

At any rate, Krait isn't available yet, so maybe Synapse will change a bit more by the time sales begin, in 2013. The other “old” products will be refashioned by then.

For those who want more numbers, the 4G sensor now located in the bowels of the mouse has a maximum sensitivity of 6,400 DPI.

Assuming sales don't quickly fall to nothing and expel the mouse from the market, Krait should still be around whenever the inevitable next-generation sensor, or some technological alternative, is invented.

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