Razer Finally Posts the Specs of the Fiona Gamepad Tablet

It is more like a gaming notebook than anyone might have expected

Razer has finally decided on what sort of hardware to use in its latest pet project, and while it won't be able to sell it in time for Christmas (probably), it did, at least, compile the spec sheet.

The name “Fiona” seems to be cropping up a lot lately, even though it is a fairly old and relatively unused one.

First came the movie “Shrek,” then there was a certain video commercial from Samsung warning about Fiona Freeze.

The most recent use of the name, as far as the technology industry is concerned at any rate, is owed to Razer.

The company chose the name Fiona for its gamepad-tablet fusion. Project Fiona is basically a tablet with notebook hardware and gamepad controls.

Razer wasn't certain if it should go through with the idea at first. WikiPad's own gamepad slate acted as a good enough forerunner, and will be a competitor, but it wasn't a guarantee that people would actually buy something like this.

The Fiona did get off the ground though, after a Facebook enquiry. Razer then waited to see what features those interested voted for.

In the end, the Fiona's specs are as follows: an Intel Core i5 or Corge i7 central processing unit, backed by a slot RAM capacity, a mid-range discrete graphics processing unit (a laptop GPU from NVIDIA or AMD) and detachable controllers.

All the hardware fits inside a frame that is about twice as heavy and thick as the Apple iPad. Not exactly the most appealing package, but that is to be expected from something like this.

Finally, the slate has a 1280 x 720 pixels display and runs the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. The price will be of $1,299 to $1,499 in the US and, assuming shipments make it there, 1,000-1,299 to 1,153-1,499 Euro in Europe.

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