Razer Edge Tablet Ready, Will Go Up for Pre-Order on March 1, 2013

The gaming tablet, formerly known as Fiona, has finally been completed

The Razer Edge gaming tablet started out as Project Fiona and eventually solidified into the device officially released back at CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show). Now, the company is ready to start accepting orders for it.

Razer thought it would be a good idea to have a tablet with hardware and software capabilities on par with high-end notebooks.

Initially, there were two gamepad-like controllers on either side of the display, basically part of the same whole.

Prospective customer feedback prevailed, however, and the game controllers were separated and turned into a sort of tablet stand.

Now, the Razer Edge uses an Intel Core i5 CPU (central processing unit) or an Intel Core i7 CPU (Razer Edge Pro), with 64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB storage.

From what the press release says, we gather that the gamepad controller, home console dock and extended battery accessories will ship separately.

Speaking of which, Razer Edge will go up for pre-order on March 1, a few days from now. An optional keyboard dock is slated for launch later this year, in the third quarter.

"The Razer Edge combines the features of full-functioning PCs, touch-enabled tablets and gaming consoles into one incredible, portable form factor," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director.

"Furthermore, the Razer Edge's powerful chipset, unique among all tablet computers, ensures that you can take advantage of the world's most sophisticated games, programs and apps on these multiple platforms anytime."

The all-in-one Razer Edge PC gaming solution will have a starting price of $999, or 764-999 Euro. Since PC gamers are the ones that have ultimately shaped it (decided the weight, thickness, chipset, even the price to an extent), it might end up with more customers than some might think. More information on the product and order page.


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