Raspberry Pi Model B, a Mini PC with Double the Memory at No Extra Price

The upgrades have no bearing on the very low price tag of $35 / 27-35 Euro

Hardware upgrades almost always result in price increases, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation has decided to live outside that rule.

Meet the Raspberry Pi Model B, the credit card-sized PC that, even with double the random access memory (512 MB rather than 256 MB RAM) still sells for the same sum as before ($35 / 27-35 Euro).

The change has happened after customers suggested that the mini PCs should offer enough horsepower for things like Java.

Raspberry Pi is keeping the low price even though the ones who made the suggestions implied that they would be willing to pay extra for the benefits.

All current and outstanding orders for Raspberry Pi Model B will ship with the new specification, and the foundation will release a firmware update in a couple of days, to enable access to the new memory.

Custom hardware programmers should have a lot of fun after this, as will those that buy the item as a means to turn their TVs into Smart HDTVs.

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