Raspberry Pi Gets Its Very Own App Store

Owners of the Linux-based PC can now visit the Pi Store

Pi Store may not be the most creative name ever invented, but it fits well enough in the world of the Apple App Store, Google Play and AMD AppZone.

The Pi Store is very small for now, with only 23 small programs up for download, but it is noteworthy that the Raspberry Pi foundation was able to launch an app store at all.

Originally, the Raspberry Pi was going to be a small gadget for schools, to enable students to learn programming.

The media latched onto its ability to turn any TV into a Smart TV though, and then there were a bunch of Kickstarter Projects involving it.

Suffice it to say that the demand for the Raspberry Pi has greatly exceeded expectations.

The Pi Store, the foundation hopes, will act as a resource that developers can use to extend the usefulness of the gadget and release more consumer-oriented programs.

Right now, there is a Pi Store app only for the Raspbian OS. The web page for the store is here, but it is empty right now.

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