Raspberry Pi Gets Fedora Remix ARM Linux

No hardware configuration is required once the open-source OS is installed

Remember the Raspberry Pi? The small, credit-card sized PC that is supposed to start shipping this month? It seems to have actually gotten a steam of developers to make a special version of Linux just for it.

People from the Seneca College have created a special version of the Linux-based operating system Fedora Remix ARM.

Loaded on a 2GB SD card, it only needs to be inserted into the Raspberry Pi in order for everything to kick off.

Without needing any special installation or hardware configuration, it boots straight into the user information screen and recognizes a mouse and keyboard easily via the two USB ports.

Likewise, the display only needs to be plugged into the HDMI port for everything, including 1080; streaming, to work properly.

The first batch of the small PCs will be ready to ship around February 23 (2012), so keep an eye out for this. And don't forget your $25 / 19.07 Euro / 15.82 pounds.

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