Raspberry Pi $25 (€18.5) ARM-Based Computer Almost a Reality

The Foundation receives the first PCB batch back from manufacturing

By on December 2nd, 2011 13:28 GMT

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is making great progress with the development of its $25 (€18.5) credit-card sized computer as recently it received the first batch of PCBs back from manufacturing.

Only 100 printed circuit boards for this ARM-based computer powered by a 700MHz Broadcom SoC have arrives so far, but this is a cornerstone in its development as it pretty much means the final design is ready, if no major problems rear their ugly head.

The other good news is that the Foundation plans to sell these first Raspberry Pi computers after the PCBs are populated with components and properly tested.

The details are not set in stone, but most probably they will be auctioned off as a way of raising some extra cash.

We’ll keep you updated with how things evolve for the Raspberry Pi from now on and if you want to know more about this small but awesome ARM computer head on over to the project’s Webite by following this link

Raspberry Pi $25 ARM-based computer PCB (3 Images)

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Raspberry Pi $25 (€18.5) ARM-Based Computer Almost a Reality
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