Rare Lynx Are Spotted in Colorado, Photo Goes Viral

The photo was taken by a National Park Service employee about a week ago

Several days ago, Steve Chaney, a former employee of the National Park Service, stumbled upon two lynx while driving down a road in southwest Colorado.

Steve Chaney was quick in snapping a picture of these two rare and elusive cats, and soon enough the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agreed to share the photo on their Facebook page.

Given the fact that lynx are quite a rare sight in this part of the world, it need not come as a surprise that the photo went viral in a matter of days.

Thus, over 7,000 people shared it on their Facebook profiles, and over 10,000 liked it. Needless to say, these figures are nothing if not likely to increase over the next few days.

“Awesome!!! I wish I could cuddle one without getting attacked! Lol-V,” reads one of the comments to this picture.

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