Rare Blue Diamond Discovered in South Africa

The 25.5-carat stone was recovered at Petra Diamonds' Cullinan mine

The news that a rare blue diamond was recovered at Petra Diamond's Cullinan mine north-east of Pretoria in South Africa is now making headlines.

The stone reportedly weighs 25.5 carats, which is why Petra Diamonds expects that, when eventually sold or auctioned off, it will yield significant profits for the company.

More so given the fact that a similar 26.6-carat stone discovered and sold back in May 2009 had a selling price of $9.5 million (€7.27 million). The person who bought this 26.6-carat diamond decided to name it the Star of Josephine.

According to The Inquisitr, a spokesperson for Petra Diamonds argued that, “It’s very unusual for a diamond of this quality and size to come to market.”

Having analyzed the stone's weight, color and clarity, Petra Diamonds estimates that it will fetch about $10 million (€7.66 million). The selling price is expected to also be influenced by how the stone will be cut.

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