Rappers Tabanacle, Proverbz and LyricistJinn Release New Anthem for OpCensorThis

The song details Anonymous, the Occupy movement and hacktivism

Back in the summer of 2011, Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN joined forces for a campaign they called OpCensorThis, an operation initiated in protest against the censorship imposed by governments and corporations.

At the time, rapper Lyricist Jinn released a song called OpCensorThis, which became the anthem of the operation.

Now, according to illSecure.com, the site launched by TeaMp0isoN’s TriCk, rappers Tabanacle, Proverbz and LyricistJinn have released OpCensorThis 2 on Tabanacle’s new mixtape called “Light Beyond the Dark.”

The new song covers various topics such as Anonymous, hacktivism, and the Occupy movement.

“So we spreading like the venom of virus , expect us Anonymous, we never will be silenced, codes so encrypted they will never be deciphered, you can step forward and test us, try us, arrest us, deny us, you will never stop us, even breathless and lifeless, defenseless and frightened!” read part of the song’s lyrics.

You can listen to the song on SoundCloud.

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