Rapper Tyga Crashes Lamborghini, Tweets About It

Young rapper wrecks car, walks away uninjured thanks to wearing a seatbelt

As they say, “pics or it never happened.” Young Money rapper Tyga, which is short for Thank You God Always, definitely has a lot to be thankful for after walking away uninjured after crashing his Lamborghini.

He’s now making headlines for crashing his white Aventador and immediately tweeting about it, including posting a photo of it on Instagram.

“Just crashed my lambo. Thank God for the seatbelt,” the rapper wrote.

He did not offer more details of the crash but, as the guys over at AutoEvolution point out, it seems that the accident took place in the middle of nowhere, in the snow – and it’s never a good idea to take a Lambo out for a drive in the snow.

The car appears to have stopped against a giant rock, after sliding off the road, down the slope on the snow.

Autos.Yahoo! notes that not only did Tyga take the car out for a spin in the snow, but he was also not skilled enough to handle it, which could have resulted in his losing control.

“Tyga does have a few marks on his driving record; he was arrested in Las Vegas and spent a few hours in jail last January after a traffic stop where police found he was wanted in relation to four other traffic incidents, including reckless driving,” the e-zine says.

“There's no point to owning a car like the Aventador if it's never driven at speed — but lacking the skills and sensibility to drive a supercar safely can quickly ensure young money never has the chance to grow old,” adds the same publication.

Tyga’s fans, on the other hand, are super thrilled that their idol walked away unharmed from the accident.

Shortly after he posted the photo of the abandoned wrecked car, they rushed on social media to express their joy that at least he’d been sensible enough to wear the seatbelt. Cars can always be replaced, they say.

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