Rapper Ordered to Pay $1 Million (€766,930) He Promised for Recovery of Stolen PC

Ryan Leslie promised a generous reward, is now refusing to keep his promise

Back in 2010, a laptop and a hard drive containing unreleased music from rapper and producer Ryan Leslie were stolen. Truly desperate, he promised a reward of $1 million (€766,930) to whoever might bring them back, which he’s now refusing to pay.

Both his laptop and the hard drive have been returned to Leslie, but the singer is refusing to pay on the grounds that neither can be accessed to get his music back.

Consequently, the reward is undeserved. The man who found them and did a kind thing in returning them doesn’t agree, so he’s taken Leslie to court, with the jury deciding in his favor: Leslie’s promise of $1 million (€766,930) is legally binding, so he must pay.

Obviously, as the video above will confirm (*please note that some discretion is recommended when viewing it, because of language), the rapper doesn’t agree: he says he will pay the money to whoever brings him his music back, not just the no longer usable devices it was once on.

Moreover, “despite what the jury said, that $1 million reward is still out there for anyone who can return my compositions to me,” Leslie says.

Because things went so well the first time around.

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