Rapper Kenny Clutch Killed in Vegas in Drive-By Shooting – Video

Rapper died on the spot, as also did 2 others; 2 more injured

The other day, the Las Vegas Boulevard was the scene of a drive-by shooting that claimed the lives of 3 people, while 2 more were injured. California rapper Kenny Clutch also lost his life.

Above is the ABC report about the grisly incident.

According to reports online, a black SUV pulled by Clutch’s Maserati at the light and, mostly because of a dispute of earlier on in the night, the occupants of the car opened fire.

Clutch was driving and he was killed on the spot. His car then went on the other lane and crashed into a taxi, which burst into flames almost instantaneously.

Its two occupants were also killed.

Police are now looking for the occupants of the SUV.

“Out of everyone I know in the rapping industry, there is no way I would have ever, ever expected to find that he was shot on the Las Vegas Strip in such an aggressive manner. He didn't have a [criminal] record or a history. He was just a good kid trying to make it and be a good father,” the young rapper’s attorney says for The Huffington Post.

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