Rapid Mode Lets Samsung 840 Evo and Pro SSDs Reach 1.1 GB/s Speed

All you need is the fully updated Samsung Magician software and you're all set

The other day, I brought you the Samsung 840 EVO solid-state drive, which crammed 1 TB capacity inside the mSATA from factor. Now we get to see how fast it is.

The normal transfer speed of the SSD is of 540 MB's when reading data and 520 MB/s when writing it, but the RAPID mode can go well beyond that.

The Samsung Magician software has a RAPID mode that exploits various sub-systems of the machine and time transfers through SATA 6 Gb/s.

The result is a throughput of up to 1.1 GB/s. The same can be achieved on the 840 Pro Series SSDs, only the top speed reached by TheSSDReview was of 1 GB/s.

In any case, those are colossal numbers on any day of the week, even if they only work for short bursts.

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