Rapex, a Female Condom-Like Anti-Rape Device

Rapex is about to be patented in South Africa

I'm sure you heard about all kinds of anti-rape devices. You know, belts that once installed, couldn't allow rapists to hold victims down and open the protection belt at the same time. Well, now there are other anti-rape solutions.

Rapex is a condom-like anti-rape device which has fish-like teeth. Once introduced in the vagina, Rapex may damage the head and the shaft of the penis. Apparently, this should give assaulted women vital seconds-time to escape the very concerned rapist.

The news that such a device may soon be patented stirred some controversy around the world. Its inventor, Mrs. Sonnet Ehlers, said that the device is in its final pre-production phase after seven years of waiting. "This product can come to the market anytime now. The stage to wait and check if there are any patent infringements will be up on April 10," said Ehlers from her Kleinmond home.

"The surprise factor will give women a chance to escape," says Ehlers. Apparently, once "trapped outside" by Rapex, the rapist would feel great pain as the 25 teeth attach themselves to the shaft of the penis. Ehlers also mentioned one of the device's big breakthroughs: rapists will be easily identified using scientific proof.

Ehlers talked a lot in the media about Rapex. She appeared on radio talk shows in England and Australia. Critics said that such a device is dangerous because it might infuriate the rapist and thus victims will be even more vulnerable to violence. Even Rape Crisis Cape Town disagreed by declaring that this kind of strange "medieval" devices are not a good solution for rape as a social problem.

The product will be mass-produced in China in order to keep it low-cost. Rapex's production is scheduled for next month.

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