Rap Battle Determines Who's Killing the Earth Faster: Australia or Canada – Video

Energy and development policies in both these countries threaten the environment

This video hit the online community only yesterday, yet over 18,000 people have already watched it.

Granted, this rap battle is not at all impressive should one only take into consideration issues such as rhythm and artistic talent, yet the lyrics are quite interesting and noteworthy.

The idea behind this video is fairly straightforward and easy to comprehend: on the one hand, there is Canada and its oil sands. On the other hand, we have Australia and its not-so-environmentally friendly energy and development policies.

Of these two, only one can be "crowned" the most efficient destroyer of both the environment, and human society, and the sole purpose of this rap battle is to determine the winner.

Just for the record: the fact that this video only takes into consideration Australia and Canada does not mean that the world's other countries are as green as it gets and therefore need not make any efforts towards improving on their ecological footprint.

*Viewer discretion is recommended when watching this video as two "slips of the tongue" have made their way into the lyrics.

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