Randy Travis Sentenced to Jail, Rehab, Community Work

Singer says he’s getting his life back on track, will stay out of jail if he behaves

Singer Randy Travis made headlines around the world last August, when he was arrested for driving under the influence after he crashed his car and was found lying naked on the highway near the wreck. He pled guilty to the charge and has been sentenced to jail and rehab.

The good news is that, if he behaves for 2 years on end, he will not get to spend a single minute behind bars, TMZ reports.

He’s been sentenced to 180 days in jail but the term was probated for 2 years. Should no incident occur during this time, his sentence will be written off.

“If Travis runs afoul of the law, officials can bring Travis in to serve out the 180 days,” the celebrity publication writes.

“Travis must also check in to an inpatient alcohol treatment facility for a minimum of 30 days AND complete 100 hours of community service,” adds the same media outlet.

He will also have to pay a fine and drive a vehicle with ignition interlock for the following couple of years, while he’s on probation.

“The IID measures the driver's blood alcohol level and will prevent the engine from starting if the driver is intoxicated,” TMZ writes.

These drastic measures to keep Travis sober and, most importantly, as far away from a car as possible if he’s intoxicated come after a series of violent incidents involving the star.

After the DUI arrest and car crash, which occurred in Texas, Travis was cited for getting into an altercation in the parking lot of a church.

Before that, he’d gotten himself arrested for public intoxication, also in a church parking lot.

If he makes it through probation without a glitch, Travis gets a clean state. It will be as if none of this ever happened.

Meanwhile, he’s working on promoting a new album and is getting ready to take his new music on the road.

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