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Just sit back, relax and listen to the music

These are just songs in a playlist. There is no specific link between them, or at least I didn't intended for one to exist. I know I should be able to give a cleverer explanation for the, mmmm....I guess, article you're about to read but the truth is... there is none. Believe me, I've spent an entire morning trying to figure out one but nothing came up. So, because I've obviously ran out of ideas I'm forced to admit the truth. These are just songs in a playlist. Nice songs. That's all.

Gorillaz - Starshine

Starshine is a song taken from the first album of a band that doesn't even exist but in theory. It's a lazy - beat chill - out tune, the embodiment of peaceful boredom, dusty summer afternoons and Monday mornings.

Suited for long spring evening walks with your headphones on.

Not suited for a Friday evening, unless you're alone, not suited for a party unless you are depressed.

If you want to get a taste of 21st century urban melancholy, Starshine is the place to go.

The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up

Coming from Prodigy's most wanted album, The Fat of the Land, here's a song for the raging little person living inside you that rarely gets the opportunity to come out and play. The song has been severely criticized by a lot of people because of the presumed violence contained by its only lyrics: "Smack my bitch up / Chase my bitch up ". In various occasions the band has stated that the song was not intended to create or speak abut domestic violence. The public didn't seem convinced. The only problem here, a highly overlooked one, is that instead of "smack my bitch up" the band could have chosen to say "cute fluffy bunny" just as well because the music is so empowering, fast and violent that it imposes the listener a much more powerful non - verbal message than a hundred lyrics.

Suited for: almost any moment in which you feel frustrated, left behind, weak, a sissy, alone, confused, scared.

Your wake - up tune.

Not suited for a romantic evening (the classic concept), a shopping spree, your ten year old already too-much-of-a-rebel kid.

Lou Reed - Take A Walk on the Wild Side

This song is unbelievable. The melody is incredibly light, completely happy, Lou's voice is so relaxed and the colored girls say "doo do doo do doo do do doo".... And how about that saxophone line at the end?

It's so New York, so decadent, so outrageous¬

Suited for a road - trip (almost all types of cars fit the image, starting with a hippie van and ending with a high - class convertible). Any sunny morning, any friendly get - together, any type of drug user, jazz fans, people that believe life resembles one giant, sometimes sad, sometimes glamorous, sometimes inspired and sometimes less inspired party.

To all those that know that New York is the place to take a walk on the wild side and that you can recreate New York pretty much everywhere.

Not suited for conservative people that can speak English

Radiohead - Just (You Do It To Yourself)

This song is perfect schizophrenia. Its hopeless lyrics and the violently repressed rock tune mix up perfectly to give you one good slice of paranoia and self inflicted pain. It gives you no choices, making you feel trapped inside your own head, desperate to get out. It's a perfect tool in re - creating depression.

Suited for the moments you want to get a look into a repressed, scared and anguished world without having to go through all the trouble and the sufferings yourself.

A reminder of exactly how great British rock really is.

Not suited for suicidal poets.

Teenagers, because when you're sixteen you don't understand exactly how much "you do it to yourself, and that's what really hurts".

Most people over forty because they know the song all too well, even if they've never listened to Radiohead in their entire life.

Cujo - Fat Ass Joint

"I wish I could kick back....."

You are probably less familiar with this one. It's taken from Amon Tobin's first album, Adventures In Foam. It's an electronic piece with funk and jazz influences. Nice so far, but nothing special. The song is, actually, quite simple but there are few songs that have the potential of brightening your day more than this one. Trust me, it's been tested.

Suited for everyone and, most important, any day of the week. You can start your week with it without the song becoming "the musical curse of Monday morning" and it's suited for a late night party. Whenever you hear it, whatever you do this song will transport you, without effort, into a great trip to a quite undefined location, somewhere between London, Amsterdam, New York, New Orleans and Brazil.

Coldcut - Panopticon (Irresistible Force Mix)

Makes you feel that you are

looking directly into the sun...

breathing the sounds......

hearing colors...

watching the sky...

somewhere else....

running away...

at ease...

completely alone.


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