Random Act of Kindness in Georgia Makes Reddit Front Page

A tourists shares his positive experience in Savannah, Georgia

Over the weekend, this picture of plastic bags being taped on a car window created a lot of buzz on Reddit.

The photo taken in Savannah, Georgia, illustrates someone's unusually refreshing sense of hospitality and community. They had placed the plastic bags there because it was raining, and the side window was open. The stranger's gesture was dubbed a “Random Act of Kindness” by Redditors.

The person that captured this footage was vacationing in Savannah when they came across this small, yet inspiring act of good will, as they told the Huffington Post.

They asked friend and Reddit user Nquattro to post the picture, and never expected it to become so popular. It's nice to see "good news" going viral from time to time.

"While on vacation in Savannah, Georgia, I went downtown with some friends. We saw the car and noticed that someone had placed plastic bags on the window. I saw the note and thought this random act of kindness should be shared," the tourist says.

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