Rambus Intros RAM with 25% Less Power Use, 3200 MHz Speed

Part-time patent troll scores a few more brownie points

At one time, Rambus made most of its money from suing IT companies that actually produced things instead of relying on licensing fees and lawsuit settlements.

The licensing company has lost a few high-profile suits though, which makes it a very fortunate thing that, compared to other trolls, it actually does have some nice patents.

The latest technology it has invented is called R+ LPDDR3 and promises two very important things: that it will reduce active memory system power by a quarter (25%) and that it will allow data rates of up to 3,200 MHz.

That's twice as fast as normal LPDDR3 technologies (mobile memory), and could be a nice stepping stone before DDR4 comes around.

The R+ LPDDR3 memory patent is compatible with DFI and JEDEC and should be adopted by memory makers soon. If no one else, Toshiba will probably be interested.

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