Ram Disk USB Launched by Super Talent, Works at 4,000/5,000 MB/s

It uses the computer's RAM to transfer files at an absurd rate

The Super Talent Ram Disk USB device is a very peculiar item, one that I find a bit suspicious really, because it makes some really big promises.

Basically, it claims to be able to read data at up to 4,041 MB/s and write it at 5,388 MB/s.

The explanation is that Ram Disk "uses your computer's free RAM to transfer files at an amazingly quick rate."

The best I can figure is that the files aren't really copied to the drive, but to the RAM of the PC. Afterwards, the accompanying program moves the files to the flash drive through a background process.

Yet, even then, the speed rate of over 4,000/5,000 MB/s is a bit absurd. Nevertheless, that's what Super Talent claims the aluminum-house drive is capable of, and RAM disks did always have performance higher than that of SSDs by several orders of magnitude, because the move/copy actions are virtual, not physical.

"We are excited to release the RamDisk USB. This product can improve the productivity of those who work with large files and programs by harnessing the power of their system's RAM to deliver transfer speeds of over 4,000 MB/s," said Abraham Ma, CEO Super Talent Technology.

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