Rafael Prieto: Secret Service Agent Has Affair with Mexican Woman, Commits Suicide

Prieto was Assistant Special Agent in-Charge of the protective detail for president Obama

Secret Service Agent Rafael Prieto, assigned to the protective detail of president Obama, was found dead in his car, after what initial reports rule as a suicide.

News of his death comes as Assistant Special Agent in-Charge Prieto was being investigated for his undisclosed romantic relationship with a Mexican citizen. Nobody knows who the mystery mistress is, however, FanDaily claims he had been involved with the woman for two years.

Prieto is survived by wife Ruth Pomerance and their teenage son. The man was not reported missing, but was found in his car by co-workers that couldn't reach him by phone.

A CBS source claims the man was alone in his car, in a closed garage, and most likely died from self-induced carbon monoxide poisoning. An investigation is still on its way to determine the precise cause of death.

Agent Prieto has recently been suspended from his position, and his security clearance was taken away. He had worked in the US Secret Service for the last 20 years.

The suspension followed news of his relationship with the Mexican woman, which he failed to report, breaking agency regulations.

“Rafael Prieto had a distinguished twenty year career with the Secret Service that was marked by accomplishments, dedication and friendships. The Secret Service is mourning the loss of a valued colleague,” agency reps stated.

An undisclosed source mentioned that “suggestions that Rafael Prieto was under investigation for espionage or passing information to a foreign contact are not accurate.”

News of his affair had surfaced in the midst of an internal investigation brought on by allegations that Secret Service agents visited call girls regularly in Columbia, while assigned to protect the president overseas.

It appears Prieto was not linked to the call girl scandal, but did have some explaining to do regarding his relationship with the foreign citizen.

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