Radware Launches Cyberattack Mitigation Solution DefensePro x420

The new product can handle 25 million packets per second

Radware – a company that specializes in providing security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers  released DefensePro x420, a new hardware platform that’s part of the organization’s flagship products.

DefensePro x420 has the ability to fend of massive distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) and denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. Regardless of the packets’ size, the new product can handle 25 million packets per second.

“Today's attacks destroy customer experience and have the potential to take down systems for weeks on end. As organizations are overwhelmed by crippling network and application level attacks, industry demands have called for a more powerful, high-capacity solution,” Avi Chesla, Radware’s chief technology officer, explained.

“Our response is DefensePro x420, which is agnostic to packet size and capable of separating legitimate and non-legitimate traffic between hardware components. It is also part of the Radware Attack Mitigation System (AMS), which is the most advanced attack mitigation solution available on the market today.”

Part of Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution, DefensePro x420 is said to have the highest mitigation performance in the market.

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