Radeon HD 7870 JokerCard, a New AMD Video Board from Club 3D

It has a different cooler, but is otherwise no different from the reference adapter

Club 3D would have probably caused more of a reaction when it released the Radeon HD 7870 JokerCard if it had bothered tweaking the performance a little.

As it is, this is the standard AMD video board, only equipped with a Club 3D proprietary single-fan cooler (CoolStream High Performance Cooling Technology).

That means the GPU, with its 1,536 1,280 stream processors, has a frequency of 925 MHz, and that the 2 GB of GDDr5 VRAM operate at 6 GHz.

The GPU Boost clock speed is of 975 MHz and engages when the pressure on the video board is just a bit too high for comfort.

Not exactly a huge overclocking feat but, then again, if cards could automatically break performance records, overclockers wouldn't have anything to do with their time.

Like the other Radeon HD 7870 graphics adapters on the market, Club 3D Radeon HD 7870 JokerCard should have a price of around $240 / 240 Euro.

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