Radeon HD 6970 Specifications Revealed, 880MHz Core Clock

As we are getting closer to December 15, the release date of Radeon HD 6900 graphics card series, more and more details about the upcoming Cayman architecture seem to make it out, recent reports revealing all there is to know about the Radeon HD 6970 including some hints about its performance level.

Coming from everyone's favorite FUD source, the infamous Fudzilla website, the news reveals the Cayman XT core clock frequency as well as other details about its specifications.

As a result, we now know the Radeon HD 6970 will be clocked at 880MHz while the memory will be run at 5.5Gbps, which translates into 1375MHz if we take into account the GDDR5 chips used.

Furthermore, the card will come with 2GB of such memory that will be run through a 256-bit memory interface similar to the Cypress architecture.

Moving to the graphics core, this will come with 96 texture units, 24 SIMD and 1536 ALU streaming processors as well as 32 ROPs and 128 Z stencils.

As we previously reported, the Radeon HD 6900 graphics card series will feature an improved architecture compared to the Barts core that comes with redesigned VLIW4 shaders, dual tessellation units as well as other improvements that should lead to an important speed bump over the Cypress architecture.

Speaking of performance, the total compute power of Cayman is rated at 2.7 TeraFlops under IEEE754-SP standard and 675 GigaFlops with IEEE754-DP standard.

However, it's not clear how Cayman will perform when compared to the GF110 core, and all the cards based on this GPU, as AMD didn't make any such comparisons in the performance data displayed.

As far as availability goes, the Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 are expected to be released on December 15, some price leaks already making their way onto the Web.

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